The National Chili Company has been In business since 1927, at which time our chili was manufactured and distributed in Detroit in a large tin can with a piece of wax paper as a cover! Today our chili is manufactured in our USDA plant In Detroit and distributed throughout the Midwest and beyond. Although there have been some minor changes over the years, the recipe that was formulated long ago is still the one we use today. It is a unique combination of only the finest quality meats and spices, along with a proprietary cooking method that really brings out the finest flavors in our delicious and award-winning chili sauce.

James Giftos was the founder of the National Chili Company as we know it today, after he acquired It In 1964 from its previous owners. Through hard work, dedication, and a loyal staff that was committed to the brand, he moved the company forward and grew it in conjunction with his restaurant company – National Coney Island.